Halloween Siteground coupon 70% off

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Are you looking for the best Siteground coupon or promotion? Before signing up with them, its the best if you can spend a minute here and look for their current and previous promotion price. This help you to know what you are buying and what is the best price you can get.

Siteground Coupon for Black Friday Sales 2015

This year promotion is sure better compare to last year offers. Now we are seeing the flat discount price of 70% throughout all shared hosting packages. This means the Startup, Growbig and Gogeek plans are all available with 70% discounts.

  • Startup plan now from $2.95/mo. Choose 12 months plan for $35.40 only.
  • Growbig plan now from $4.50/mo. Choose 12 months plan for $54.00 only.
  • Gogeek plan now from $8.95/mo. Choose 12 months plan for $107.40 only.

Black Friday sale 2015

Siteground Coupon for Black Friday Sales 2014

This year Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales might be the best ever. Their lowest price is now returned and allows new customers to signup with their shared hosting packages with up to 70% in discount. From our Siteground review, here is the 3 shared hosting packages and price you can get

  • Start-up plan is now $2.95 compare to regular price of $9.95, this is 70% off.
  • Growbig plan is now $6.95 compare to regular price of $14.95, this is 55% off.
  • Gogeek plan is now $13.95 compare to regular price of $29.95, this is 55% off.

From above comparison, we can see the basic plan is the one with the biggest saving. If you are hosting one website, this is the plan for you. Or else please choose the second package that allows unlimited domains and it is available with 55% off right now.

Black Friday sales 70%

Siteground Coupon for 70% Off

This Siteground promotion 70% discount has been repeating many times. We have spotted it during main holiday seasons as following:

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 with 70% off.
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014 with 70% off.
  • Halloween sales 2014 with 70% off.
  • Labor day sales 2014 with 70% off.
  • 4th of July sales 2014 with 70% off.

4th July sale

Siteground WordPress Hosting 60% Off

This is their newest WordPress optimized shared hosting service, and they have tweaked the shared hosting plan for a better place to host WordPress blogging sites. Choose any of the three blog hosting plan and receive discounts ranging between 50% to 60% off.

  • WordPress startup plan is now with 60% off.
  • WordPress Growbig plan is now with 50% off.
  • WordPress Gogeek plan is now with 50% off.

Wordpress hosting sales

Siteground Dedicated Server Sales

Right now they are offering three server plans to choose from. Do you want to know how to get extra discounts from them and choose to pay less? We have checked through all of the server and found out by choosing the 6 months payment terms, we are able to get another 5% in discount. For example the basic server is priced at $229 a month. We only pay $217 a month by choosing to use the 6 months billing cycle. This mean we are saving a $12 dollars every month, and a net total of $72 for the half year service.

dedicated server offer price

Siteground Renewal Coupon Is Now With 30% Saving

They sure is appreciating their customer and with offering this 30% renewal discount, they proof it even further. Selected customers who choose to renew their hosting services are given this offer and it is valid from billing page directly. Choose to renew when receiving this email notification, and get rewarded with 30% saving.

Your hosting account will expire on May 25th, 2015. Now is the right time to take advantage of our early bird renewal discounts!

Renew today and get up to 30% discount!

Take advantage of our early bird renewal discounts and save up to 30% on your fees! To renew today and get an exclusive fee discount, please login to your customer area here.

Siteground Coupon With $9.99 For One Year Hosting

Before this there is 40% discount off regular price, then there is $20 dollars first year promotion. All these are some of the previously available discounts. Now it’s even better, you can get their start-up shared hosting for $9.95 for one year. This promotion is by invitation only and no code to remember. This $9.95 price for one year hosting is by invitation only and will end at any time.

Annual hosting promotion

Siteground Coupon and Discount for 2014

 This year they introduced the all new discount price for all three shared hosting packages. This is an all-in-one web hosting packages. It includes more features and free gifts too. Choose from 1 of 3 shared hosting packages and signup to lock in the price for 12-months.

  • Start-up plan is $3.95, regular price $9.95.
  • Growbig plan is $6.95, regular price $14.95.
  • Gogeek plan is $13.95, regular price $29.95.

2014 promotion

The Best Siteground Coupon For 80% Off

There is limited time special offer that give 80% discount on all shared hosting plans. This making their plan only cost $2.00 a month. This 80% off is limited time offer and valid when you see this advertisement page. Probably this is the lowest price from them, and we haven’t seen any other offers going lower than this. This is very limited time special deal and valid for those who choose to use the secret link signup and get to the following page only.

  • Limited time offer with up to 80% off discount at $2.00 a month only.
  • This making the the shared hosting annual plan at $24 dollars only.

80% off promo code

Cheap Domain Registration And Domain Privacy

When considering a budget web host, we always check on their domain registration price and find out how much it cost to register for new domain name. At here, they are offering the following

  • Register any regular domain with hosting for free.
  • Register any regular domain for $14.95 a year.
  • Add domain privacy for $1.00 a month, this is 50% off regular price of $2 a month.

Their domain price is just average and not that cheap. Consider getting domains from third party registrar like Godaddy or Namecheap for better offer.

Siteground Domain Name With 20% to 35% Discounts

This year 2015, they are now offering over 30 types of domain extensions. Selected domain registration are now available with discounts up to 35% off.

Now you can register 30+ cool new domain extensions like .photography, .gallery, .clothing, .plumbing etc. Hurry up and take advantage of our limited time new domain launch offer that gives up to 35% discount from the first year registration fee. View all domains and prices at the official website today.

Domain price 35% discount

Siteground Email Spam Killer Promotion

When your business email accounts are constantly attacked by spammer and keep receiving tons of junk messages, its time to put a stop to this and apply the best email spam protection service. The best method is scan and remove these spams before it get to your user computers. The only way is to use the service provider scanning and removal service. For existing customer, they can activate this spam killer service for as little as $3 a month. Regular price is $6, and start protecting their user email accounts.

spam killer promotion

Siteground Free Cloudflare CDN

Forget about other web hosting service that promised you faster speed and better performance, there are limitation at the network and server end that will caused your website to perform slow and inefficient. If what you need is the fastest website loading speed, this free Cloudflare content delivery network service is the one that can help you. Your website content will be cached into static pages and later host in Cloudflare network all over the world. This mean your content can be fetch almost instantly and cut the user waiting time for the page to load. This result in website load at twice faster and regardless of user geo-location.

CDN booster promotion