Siteground VPS hosting reviews with feature and price

Siteground VPS hosting is now with cloud technology. They have more affordable upgrade options. The newest cloud-VPS that has been proven more reliable compare to conventional choice.

All content storage is in cloud network and uses worldwide data center with CDN. This VPS hosting plan comes with optional performance booster too.

Cloud hosting

There are four cloud VPS hosting plans available. Choose from dual cores and quad cores server. It comes with 2048 megabytes to 6144 megabytes computer RAM and includes up to 150 gigabytes disk space. Price starts from $68.95 per month.

Here are the all four available plans:

  1. VPS cloud 1 is from $68.95
  2. VPS cloud 2 is from $88.95
  3. VPS cloud 3 is from $108.95
  4. VPS cloud 4 is from $138.95

When searching for VPS plans, users are often asking for the best features and the best price. Its not easy to get a good balance between these two. The top web hosts are slowly migrating from conventional virtual server to a more advanced cloud VPS platform. That is more flexible and allow user to gain more resources at lowest price. Since they are using cloud network server platform, the resource will be huge and user can use as require and pay the plan that they want. For this, it solves the technical issue and left only the pricing issue.

Most buyers will find this VPS plan suitable for high end customers that demand the cloud technology. It guarantees the best uptime rating for their website. The price of $68 dollars is rather small when considering the amount of benefits that your website can get.