Siteground speed test for shared hosting plan (LIVE)

How about Siteground speed performance? Their actual website speed test and performance is really one of the best when compare with similar shared hosting services. Our website speed test and loading time are great.

It is something relative and we know one if faster than another in term of time it takes to complete a page download. If first site take 2 seconds and second site take only 1 second. We can say the second site is twice faster and able to load the page in half of time. This is what we are searching for when looking for a faster web hosting plan. Although there is no absolute winner in this, we are still able to compare one another. Find the slowest one and the fastest one. Some budget web host are able to outperform the other competitor. It makes a clear statement that their server performance is better in average.

Siteground speed test for 2015. After a few years using their Start-up shared hosting plan, we can see their benefits. They are excellent especially in server performance and reliable service uptime. We are now conducting another series of website speed test for out hosted website. This year, we choose to use a few more online website testing tool to find out even more details about their hosting speed.

Google page speed testin

Siteground speed test for 2014. We have this website speed test conducted once again, and it shows a very good rating indeed. Website size is growing near triple in size and now it need more time to load. We have WordPress blog that uses lots more plug-in and addon functionality, lots more images in use too. This makes the site growing in scale over time and now we have near 1 megabytes in size. The website took 3.02 second to load and it is rated 80% fast.

website speed test 2014

Siteground speed test for 2013. In this year, we are using the popular iTheme for our WordPress blog. We chose to use this due to its fast loading and light weight. We want to boost the website performance as it is serving more visitors now and we don’t want to slow down the website as the drawback. This mean we need to optimize the site content, images, media, and themes all together. All these efforts are resulting in total website size of 352 kilobytes only. Below is our hosted website in testing and site speed test for the year of 2013.

website speed test 2013

What will cause a slow website response time? This is problem caused by either server or network availability. If the server is oversold and used by thousand of users at once, that will cause serious server delay and resource queue. Next, there is network bottleneck and insufficient bandwidth from infrastructure. This will mean a huge disadvantages and causes slower website speed.

How to make your website faster? Some web host will offer upgraded software platform and optimized the server for certain scripts. For example they have optimized service for Joomla and WordPress. For instant, they have installed cache management and few more tricks to make the performance even better.

For this Siteground review blog, we can choose to use WordPress super cache or W3 total cache plugin to speed up website performance. Some advanced user will choose to setup CDN (content delivery network) or even cloud network to boost the website loading speed to the maximum.