Siteground renewal price discount or special promo?

Ya, I am looking for the same thing as well. Just received this email notification from them stating my shared hosting account with them are expiring and renewal is require in short time notice.

This is sucks and I have to pay $162 dollars for the renewing fees for the next 12 months. Here is the renewal email looks like:

We could not renew your GrowBig Hosting automatically.
We will make an additional attempt to automatically renew your service by , but we cannot guarantee successful service continuation in case the billing fails. The total amount due for the default renewal period of 12 months is 162.00 USD .To guarantee an uninterrupted service continuation, it’s best to renew it manually from your User area -> Billing section.
If you need any help, you are welcome to come to our live chat or phone line (1.866.605.2484). If you consider cancelling the service, you can request it from your Customer area -> Billing section.

I am looking for Siteground renewal promo as well, and instead taking the move and emailed them back to ask for some discount. Stating $162 is just too costly and I won’t pay it. Well, waiting for their response and hopefully there will be some discounts given.

From the billing section, I can see there is only three terms given, namely 12 months, 24 and 36 months. There is no option to renew for monthly or shorter term. This is another disadvantages for using Siteground hosting.

2 thoughts on “Siteground renewal price discount or special promo?

  1. ok, here is what i just find out. User can renew their account for 3 months, but the price is $44.85 USD. and this is valid for 90-days hosting services. No discount. And you need to contact live chat support to let them know your intention and they will give you the link to pay via PayPal.

  2. I take this 3 months offer and renew it for temporary time, once completed the process, the message will look like this “Thank you for purchasing SiteGround Hosting services!
    Your transaction was completed successfully. We are currently processing your order. In case you have not received your Welcome email within the next 1 hour, please contact us via our LiveChat or call our toll free line.”

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