Siteground Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Want to know more about them and have some questions to ask about their web hosting services? Most beginners will asked these questions and we are here to review it and provide our answer for it:

I’m a beginner, which hosting package should I signup?

For most beginners what require web hosting account to host their new website(s) are recommended to choose the shared service plan. It provides everything you need, including storage space, control panel, email service, FTP account and so on. Choose the most popular plan of all, the GrowBig plan that allows unlimited domains.

If I signup now, when will my account be ready?

If you are signing up with the shared hosting plan, the account will be available immediately. Immediate account activation is one of the standard feature now and available for all shared hosting plans. Once completed the signup process, the account will be setup automatically, and the account details will be emailed to you.

What is my Siteground DNS to use?

There are a few set of domain nameservers available, please check on your hosting account or setup email to confirm the correct DNS nameserver to use. It will look something like this:


How to upload my website files to server?

You can choose any favorite FTP client program to upload files to server. Connect using your domain name, FTP username and FTP password. Optionally choose to use normal connection or secure server connection. Once connected and gained access, choose the “public_html” folder and upload all your files here in order to host it by your primary domain.

Can I host additional domain names in here?

There are three shared hosting plans available, except the basic plan, the other two plans are supporting multiple domains and in here you can create additional websites and host them as separate entity. There is no limits of how many websites you can create, however there is inodes limits applied to account, this will be the limitation. In addition, user get to create unlimited sub-domain and parked domain.