Siteground domain manager and adding new domain name

There are three web hosting plans available. Basic plan only allow 1 domain hosting and the other two plans are permitting unlimited domains hosting. In feature mean you can add more websites.
Host more individual websites without limitation from the server configuration. First thing first, this feature is only made available for Growbig and Gogeek shared hosting plans. In December 2015, we choose to upgrade to Growbig plan and this allow us to host additional domains. The cPanel domains section will looks like following and now allowing us to add new domain name into account.

Addon domain feature

Host multiple websites with shared hosting. When your online business are growing or when you want to create new website that focus on more specific topic, this is the change to create a new website and host it as an individual website. To do this, we want you to do the following:

  • Login to cPanel control panel.
  • Go to add-on domains section.
  • Enter your new domain name which you own.
  • Enter in a new password for this domain name.
  • Click the add button to complete the process.

Multiple domain hosting

At this point here, the new domain name already has been added to your hosting account. At the same time a new directory for this domain will be created in web server for your website files. Next thing to do is install open-source scripts into here, or upload your own HTML pages to hear via FTP client program.

If you are using the single domain hosting plan, this error message will appear when you try to add new domain to your account.

Warning: You are currently using the maximum number of addon domains. If you need to add a new addon domain you can review alternative hosting plans and order an upgrade from the Order section of your customer area.

Setup new website via Softaculous. If you are choosing the first method and want to use the popular CMS scripts for your website, the next thing to do is proceed to Softaculous apps installer. Choose the script for your website, either WordPress or Drupal Joomla and few hundred options are available in here. You can install these apps into your domain or any other installation location. See our Softaculous review in here.

Setup new website via FTP files uploading. If you already have custom web pages created and want to host it online, this is where you can proceed and put your website online. Make sure you already have the Filezilla FTP client program installed in your computer. Run this Filezilla and make a new connection to web server via FTP service. You can use your domain name, account username, account password to login to FTP server. Once connected successfully without problem, next thing is go to “public_html” folder. If you have addon domain, then pick the directory for this domain. Else use this as the default directory for your primary domain name. Put or upload all your web files here and wait for the FTP process to complete. Finally, test your new web pages online and see either its working as expected.

Once you have completed the above processes, you are now having a new website available online and works perfectly.