Siteground uptime & downtime for shared hosting (Hosted)

Siteground uptime guarantee is over 99.999%. In generally, shared hosting server is shared by few hundreds user accounts and websites. This mean your website is getting just a fraction of the server resources.

Your website uptime rating will be being affected in somehow. For better consideration, we always recommend the better VPS plan or dedicated server.

We have learned that the web hosting company official website is usually getting the perfect scores. They are seriously good and comply with the 99.9999% quality rating. However, shared hosting customer usually will get the lowest percentage. We are expecting somewhere around 99.7% to 99.9% in average.

Total uptime guarantee

Our hosted website is tested. This Start-up is the most basic plan. By monitoring this we are able to know their minimum service quality. We’ve many years hosted with this regular shared hosting (not cloud).

What will causes server downtime or website offline? That is generally divided into human act or disaster. Either the server being bring offline for maintenance work or network failure. It will cause some serious service downtime.

For our hosted website right here, the uptime percentage is as following. Overall rating for our site for total five years are averaged at 99.9% and downtime is less than 0.03% only.

website uptime statistic

Server reliability questions? This web hosting is the best choice for personal webs. Customers report that it’s very rare for this website to experience downtime. One customer indicates that he has been using it for over two years now. He has experienced only two incidences of downtime which didn’t last for more than one hour. What was interesting about these two scenarios is that he had been warned about them three times. One week before, three days prior and 3 hours before the downtime as they considered with their maintenance schedule.


Siteground speed test for shared hosting plan (LIVE)

How about Siteground speed performance? Their actual website speed test and performance is really one of the best when compare with similar shared hosting services. Our website speed test and loading time are great.

It is something relative and we know one if faster than another in term of time it takes to complete a page download. If first site take 2 seconds and second site take only 1 second. We can say the second site is twice faster and able to load the page in half of time. This is what we are searching for when looking for a faster web hosting plan. Although there is no absolute winner in this, we are still able to compare one another. Find the slowest one and the fastest one. Some budget web host are able to outperform the other competitor. It makes a clear statement that their server performance is better in average.

Siteground speed test for 2015. After a few years using their Start-up shared hosting plan, we can see their benefits. They are excellent especially in server performance and reliable service uptime. We are now conducting another series of website speed test for out hosted website. This year, we choose to use a few more online website testing tool to find out even more details about their hosting speed.

Google page speed testin

Siteground speed test for 2014. We have this website speed test conducted once again, and it shows a very good rating indeed. Website size is growing near triple in size and now it need more time to load. We have WordPress blog that uses lots more plug-in and addon functionality, lots more images in use too. This makes the site growing in scale over time and now we have near 1 megabytes in size. The website took 3.02 second to load and it is rated 80% fast.

website speed test 2014

Siteground speed test for 2013. In this year, we are using the popular iTheme for our WordPress blog. We chose to use this due to its fast loading and light weight. We want to boost the website performance as it is serving more visitors now and we don’t want to slow down the website as the drawback. This mean we need to optimize the site content, images, media, and themes all together. All these efforts are resulting in total website size of 352 kilobytes only. Below is our hosted website in testing and site speed test for the year of 2013.

website speed test 2013

What will cause a slow website response time? This is problem caused by either server or network availability. If the server is oversold and used by thousand of users at once, that will cause serious server delay and resource queue. Next, there is network bottleneck and insufficient bandwidth from infrastructure. This will mean a huge disadvantages and causes slower website speed.

How to make your website faster? Some web host will offer upgraded software platform and optimized the server for certain scripts. For example they have optimized service for Joomla and WordPress. For instant, they have installed cache management and few more tricks to make the performance even better.

For this Siteground review blog, we can choose to use WordPress super cache or W3 total cache plugin to speed up website performance. Some advanced user will choose to setup CDN (content delivery network) or even cloud network to boost the website loading speed to the maximum.

Siteground affiliate banner

Siteground.com affiliate program payout and comparison

They pay one fifth of the sign up amount of what the new customer paid. If the new client pays thirty dollars, you are making six dollars in sales commission. Although this partner program isn’t with the highest payout.

There is no doubt their service quality is compatible with Hostgator quality. If you want best web hosting services at lowest starting cost, this will be the greatest choice. When promoting their hosting products, they have wide range of banner ads.

Siteground affiliate banner

In this competitive industry, webmaster should choose the most popular web host to promotes. Besides their low payout rate, we are getting confused by their site navigation. From official homepage and later get to partners page is fine. But the account login page is missing and we can’t locate the manage account link that suppose to be made available. Searching online via Google return no luck too. Right until we checked the emails and found out this login link inside.

If you are the beginner and looking for their affiliates account sign in page, 99% of the chance you are not going to find it. They only provide the link to those already signup and joined their program. This mean you need to proceed with the signup and wait for the account to be approved. Later they will email you the account information and together with the login path. This is when you are going to access the account, get the promotion links, choose banners and view the commission you have earned.

Is this affiliate program really pays? This is the bigger question and webmaster love to ask either will they get paid at the end or not. If the sales that you referred are legitimate and valid sale, it will be paid to you after the pending period is over. Web host will require you to wait certain amount of time before paying you the referral commission. Any sales that is cancelled during these period will be marked as void and will not be entitle for payment. When everything goes smooth and you got through the process, you will be paid either via PayPal or cheque payment.


Siteground cPanel control panel and Softaculous review

Siteground cPanel control panel is very good. All three shared hosting are managed via the same cPanel control panel. And they have additional account management interface before you can access to the cPanel page. Go to official homepage and proceed with account login and we will see the login box.

Enter your account username password to proceed.

  1. Go to http://www.siteground.com/
  2. Enter username and password.
  3. Next, click login and proceed to account management.
  4. Click on cPanel and go to website control panel main page.

control panel main login

cPanel control panel demo is available here. From here, you can browse to control panel and manage your hosting account. Before year 2014, they are using a very simple cPanel control panel as screenshot shown below. There is nothing added and there is not link to billing or account profile management page.

For year 2014, they put some work into this cPanel control panel and having some site makeup too. It is now with head menu tab that link to account management, support, billing, referral deals and resources. On the left, there is some account summary and account details for your quick reference.

IP Address
Name Servers:
How to manage your domain name?
Server Hostname: siteground132.com
Hosting package: StartUp
Server Time: Oct 30 11:41 CDT

cPanel for shared hosting

In here, they provide additional software not found elsewhere. For example we have:

  • HTTP CPU usage statistics.
  • Cron CPU usage statistics.
  • Quota statistics.
  • Site security check.
  • Virus scanner.

User-friendly Softaculous installer tool. In here, they provide the best Softaculous installer for free. We can use this installer apps to setup various sites in our domains. This is the preview of the latest Softaculous installer apps. It is faster compare to Simplescripts as per our experience. And in here we can find more different types of application available too. Its all grouped into own category and we can easily select the best scripts available. They even provide some details, reviews, and user ratings too. From here, you can choose the most popular scripts and the one preferred by most people. This definitely helps a lot.

After using their shared hosting plan for few years, we really know how good this installer works. However, for most beginners that encounter this installer software at the first time, this test review will surely helps. From this Softaculous, we can have blog, CMS portal, forum, image galleries, wiki, social network site, polls survey, ad management, gaming, mail management etc. All these are sum up in over a hundred open-source free apps and we can pick it, install into our domain, quickly and within 1 minute. From our test, this installer is fast and able to complete the new installation task in less than 1 minute.

Softaculous installer

At the cPanel front page, at here we can get additional free tools. It’s made available at here only and we haven’t seen other web hosts are offering this much amount of site add-on tools. The most important one should be the most recommended website super-cacher tool that creates static page and uses server cache to speed up your website load time. And there is SG-Git and Siteapps dashboard. These are free tools for increase traffic and sales, configure or install apps, and Analytics insight for your website.

For the auto-installer quick links, we have Joomla, WordPress, Magento, CScart, Prestashop, and phpBB3 available at front page. And the Softaculous installer is accessible from here too.

Free autoinstaller tool

Email service tools are included free. When you are hosting business website are interacting with customers, the best way to keep in touch is via e-mail service. Since you already own a domain name, its time to create a mailbox with your domain extension in it. This mean you are working with this online company and you are direct contact for this domain. It represents a lot of thing and having a good email address is significantly important. For example you can have [email protected] assigned to the technical support department. Any issues can be forward here and you can assign people to take care of your business technical stuff.

To create a new email account, first go to cPanel and get to mail section as following shown. Click to create email account, proceed with entering your new email address, select domain and password accordingly. Complete the process and you should be able to access and use your email account instantly. Try to use it to send receive email message before giving away these new email to your clients. You can use email clients of webmail clients provided to check for new message or sending message online.

Besides creating new email account, there are few other standard tools available in here:

  • Spam assassin tool
  • Email forwarders
  • Auto-responders
  • Account level filtering and user level filtering.
  • Import addresses
  • Email authentication.
  • Edit email account MX entry.
  • SpamExpert protection tool.

Email service