Siteground uptime & downtime for shared hosting (Hosted)

Siteground uptime guarantee is over 99.999%. In generally, shared hosting server is shared by few hundreds user accounts and websites. This mean your website is getting just a fraction of the server resources.

Your website uptime rating will be being affected in somehow. For better consideration, we always recommend the better VPS plan or dedicated server.

We have learned that the web hosting company official website is usually getting the perfect scores. They are seriously good and comply with the 99.9999% quality rating. However, shared hosting customer usually will get the lowest percentage. We are expecting somewhere around 99.7% to 99.9% in average.

Total uptime guarantee

Our hosted website is tested. This Start-up is the most basic plan. By monitoring this we are able to know their minimum service quality. We’ve many years hosted with this regular shared hosting (not cloud).

What will causes server downtime or website offline? That is generally divided into human act or disaster. Either the server being bring offline for maintenance work or network failure. It will cause some serious service downtime.

For our hosted website right here, the uptime percentage is as following. Overall rating for our site for total five years are averaged at 99.9% and downtime is less than 0.03% only.

website uptime statistic

Server reliability questions? This web hosting is the best choice for personal webs. Customers report that it’s very rare for this website to experience downtime. One customer indicates that he has been using it for over two years now. He has experienced only two incidences of downtime which didn’t last for more than one hour. What was interesting about these two scenarios is that he had been warned about them three times. One week before, three days prior and 3 hours before the downtime as they considered with their maintenance schedule.