Get your Siteground rebate from reputable affiliates

With any search engines of your choice, key in “Siteground Rebate” and you will get hundred of results. Almost ten of the websites are offering some sort of rebates and cash back. Although certain web hosting companies are disallowing this and now allowed incentive based signup, there are still some loophole existed and allowing the rebate system to works. As long the client is not paid to signup, and they are not given money to signup in order to cheat on the sales commission, then it will be just fine.

For Siteground affiliate system, they pay quit some good commission money too. From following table, you can see the latest 2016 payout rate. When reaching over 21+ sales, the affiliates can earn up to $150 per sale they sent in. You might also want to see our fist review on payout rate in here.

Siteground commission rate

Next, what you need is to find a reputable affiliates that is making to the final level and able to earn the highest commission rate. I am one of those very few person available online, and yes i am offering cash rebate money as well. Term is that it require 30 days to approve and once the sale is granted to us, only the payment can be sent back to you as the beneficial person. This is not paying you to signup, but paying you as a support for my website. There are many options out there, you can choose any of them. For me, I have been doing review business for over 10 years, and already building a good reputation via my websites, social media page etc. Off-course, in order to stand long in business, i will d my best to run this operation and ensure my clients are getting what they wish for.

For many other web hosting plans that I am referring, I am offering a flat rate of $25 dollars per referral. And the same thing goes to Siteground web hosting as well. Since this is hosted review site, and I have many other hosting account to maintain, the operation cost is much higher and I can’t offer too big amount in cash back. We have to be realistic and achieve a commonly agreed price range!

Well, If you like to know more about my affiliate account, here is the latest statistic and conversion report that I captured from my account. There is real traffic, conversion, referred sales, etc. That mean I am real in business for many years, and I am keeping the account active for all these time. When you choose to use my service, you can feel secure and will be get paid on time.

siteground affiliate conversion report

Once you are ready, please use the following signup button to signup. Proceed to selecting the hosting plan, domain, and billing page. Complete the payment on this page, do not leave the page or clicking on anyone else link or promotion, that will void the sales commission and I will not get the sale commission. That is how ugly the term condition is, and all party have to follow this simple signup rules in order to receive the cash rebate money. Once 30 days had passed, at the early month, I will send the Paypal money back to you. This is appreciation for your support on this website.

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