Siteground dedicated server feature and quality review

Right now, they are having 3 dedicated server plans and all are impressive at first look. Their server specification and features are good. There is no complaint about it and the price is acceptable as well. It is not over priced except that user needs to pay for the setup fee for their new server at signup.

When should you make the decision to go for a dedicated server? If you are running a very busy website, you may have noticed that it is beginning to outgrow its hosting account and a dedicated server will be the perfect solution. Some of the basic indicators that you should look out for:

  • Increased time taken when loading a page.
  • Error messages resulting from high volume.
  • Bad performance of the website resulting from an overloaded server.

Why choose this dedicated servers? Only choose dedicated server from the top web hosting companies like this one, as they are the only one that able to provide the best service quality. In addition, all these servers are protected by active server monitoring and failure diagnosis. The best servers should have good service uptime rating and good customer support at the back end to support it. And together with a great price, this is what makes a great deal. Their server plans are including the following packages

  • Entry server price $229.
  • Power server price $329.
  • Enterprise server price $429.

Dedicated server plans

Price and feature. The entry server is the most affordable and price at $229 per month. There is no hidden fee and we are getting the highest server specification for this price. You can compare them with other server providers like Hostgator, Bluehost and Site5. Their server specification is not this good and the price is very similar. This mean we can get more resource and better server performance. Their network uses the best infrastructure and in reality we are getting the top uptime percentage too.

Special features and do you need them? Your site may be running well within its current host’s resource limits but you are in need of other special features. A dedicated server comes with many benefits that you may need and so going for it is the best option. Some of the benefits that come with having a private dedicated server

  • You can run a software (e.g. chat servers, java back ends, game servers etc) that otherwise, you would not be allowed if you were using a shared host.
  • It allows you to install any software that you may need (e.g. an updated PHP or even a database server) without having to wait for your host.
  • You can provide services live audio streaming, software downloads etc that may not be available with shared hosts.
  • You can customize & optimize the server so that it fits the needs of your website.

Dedicated server hosting offers you a dedicated server as well as its other applications. However you need to ensure that your website will benefit and that it is able to meet its costs. You also have to consider the manageability issues carefully.