Siteground affiliate banner affiliate program payout and comparison

They pay one fifth of the sign up amount of what the new customer paid. If the new client pays thirty dollars, you are making six dollars in sales commission. Although this partner program isn’t with the highest payout.

There is no doubt their service quality is compatible with Hostgator quality. If you want best web hosting services at lowest starting cost, this will be the greatest choice. When promoting their hosting products, they have wide range of banner ads.

Siteground affiliate banner

In this competitive industry, webmaster should choose the most popular web host to promotes. Besides their low payout rate, we are getting confused by their site navigation. From official homepage and later get to partners page is fine. But the account login page is missing and we can’t locate the manage account link that suppose to be made available. Searching online via Google return no luck too. Right until we checked the emails and found out this login link inside.

If you are the beginner and looking for their affiliates account sign in page, 99% of the chance you are not going to find it. They only provide the link to those already signup and joined their program. This mean you need to proceed with the signup and wait for the account to be approved. Later they will email you the account information and together with the login path. This is when you are going to access the account, get the promotion links, choose banners and view the commission you have earned.

Is this affiliate program really pays? This is the bigger question and webmaster love to ask either will they get paid at the end or not. If the sales that you referred are legitimate and valid sale, it will be paid to you after the pending period is over. Web host will require you to wait certain amount of time before paying you the referral commission. Any sales that is cancelled during these period will be marked as void and will not be entitle for payment. When everything goes smooth and you got through the process, you will be paid either via PayPal or cheque payment.