Siteground reviews and unbiased rating (5 years hosted)

This Siteground review site is hosted. Want to know why 320,000 websites had chosen and why their start-up $3.95 website hosting so popular? This is the same question we been asking our self when we carry out our reviews and ratings program. We are willing to take all risk and signup their start-up plan and host with them. We wish to review this hosting company and provide facts and secrets to everyone visiting this website. This site is hosted, it’s true and it provides 100% real facts in here. And we are giving away promotional coupons at here for free and it helps you to get their best discount price too.


Is Siteground hosting good or bad? This is a premium hosting company which was established in the year 2003 when a group of experts pulled their capital together to form this brand. They are very popular in the web hosting industry due to its excellent support, superior performance and great developer features. This web hosting company is a private company and it’s very active in the Joomla communities and WordPress. They provide handcrafted solutions in popular web applications such as Joomla, Magento, and WordPress. Again, they leave no stone unturned to ensure that their clients have a unique user experience through these tools with a specially optimized server setup, customized security options, and speed systems. They also include detailed details and a wide array of free templates apart from other goodies.

They own over 1100 servers in 4 data centres and that is big. And we’ve been using start-up shared service and using this to host a WordPress site. Their service quality is top notch and we can see this after host with them for so many years and comparing them with the famous cPanel hosting namely Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostmonster and Justhost. And we start to see why people are choosing this one at the end.

This web hosting company is not that popular compare to other top hosts, this maybe due to their limited marketing effort or business plan. Boosting sales and keeping the highest quality is two difficult things to do in any online service business. You can put up a lot of online sales and bring in tons of customer in short time, but that will mean lower quality and more managing issues throughout the process. In order to keep the service quality at highest, this will mean a good company with excellent management as well. This is what we seen in them and they are doing it just right.

Siteground review on shared hosting service. They are offering few shared hosting packages. The price is reasonable as well. Its not expensive or too cheap, its just right and affordable by most people. All three web hosting packages are giving a lot of features and resources, and the service quality is top notch. Following are the key features offered by their shared hosting:

  • From 10 GB disk space.
  • Unlimited transfer for website.
  • Unlimited MySQL database.
  • Unlimited emails account.
  • Free domain name.
  • Free daily backup and content delivery network.
  • 24×7 technical support via chat, phone or email ticket.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.

These web hosting features are very commonly seen and we are getting what we need to start online website. The free domain name means a lot and it helps us save around $15 as according to current domain registration price. Next there is free website transfer and beginner users that require technical assistant to migrate their websites from old host, this is the must have free service.

They have 3 different shared hosting packages and it comes with real storage space reserve for your account. Here are the basic 3 packages to choose from:

Siteground review on Start-up plan. It is the company basic hosting and it begins at just $3.95/month. It includes the following:

  • Free transfer and setup.
  • Free domain name.
  • Thirty days money back guarantee.
  • Almost 100% uptime guarantee.
  • 24×7 customer support.
  • Unlimited emails, traffic and database.
  • SSH and cPanel access.
  • Free daily backup.
  • Free content delivery network.
  • Static caching only.
  • Joomla and WordPress toolkits.

Siteground review on Growbig plan. In this, you access all 3 levels of super cacher in addition to the following:

  • Thirty days worth of backups.
  • Unlimited sites.
  • 365 days free SSL.
  • Priority customer support.
  • Around 25,000 visits per month.
  • The super cacher uses memory cached and varnish to cache both static and dynamic content and works well with Joomla, WordPress and Magento.

Siteground review on Gogeek plan. This comes with all the above features of found in other two packages and in addition to the following:

  • More powerful hardware for more RAM, SAS storage for files and SSD storage for your databases.
  • Few accounts on every server. You can use up to four times more resources then other plans.
  • PCI compliant server is for e-commerce and allows you to take your credit card details on your web.
  • Developer features that are custom made and are exclusive to this company.

Registration is very easy and straightforward and you can be done within five minutes. After registration, you will need to decide on your preferred plan. The best thing about registration is that there is a free three month premium support option at the end of the page. However, there are certain features that can increase the price. For instance, if you want to include options such as daily backup, hack alert, monitoring and domain privacy, you might end up paying a bit higher than basic plans. All these features are very attractive, but ensure that you include only those features that you need, if you don’t want to pay much more.

Shared hosting services

After registration, you will receive a confirmation email showing your account ID as well as login information. In addition, you will receive a call from their customer support representatives just to ensure that everything goes well. Are these services not friendly and useful?

Siteground review on WordPress hosting. Why choose this Wordpress hosting and not the others? They are heavily promoting themselves as the best place to both Joomla and WordPress. But why is their shared hosting a better place for these CMS apps? Besides comparison features, we try to find their hidden advantages and benefits.

First in this WordPress optimized hosting, we can see there is extra cPanel configuration taken place and they have added in static cache feature to make the hosting service even better.

Wordpress optimized hosting

From this cPanel, we found the following WordPress extended features:

  • WordPress installer.
  • WP auto update.
  • WordPress toolkit.
  • Supercacher.
  • Staging.
  • ManageWP.

From day one, user can choose to install WordPress here instantly without any delay by using the installer tool. Future upgrade can be performed by auto update and no manual management in require in future. The super cacher feature is here to make the site even faster and try to boost the WordPress site loading time.

Free WordPress tools

Siteground review on cloud hosting. They provide the cream of cloud hosting services with a platform that is extremely fast and autoscalable. It gives its customers the opportunity to have a plan that is customized specifically to their exact requirements. Regardless of whether you are planning a small startup project or a high volume enterprise portal, they are equipped to give you the solutions you are looking for.

Apart from providing these services preinstalled, they undertake the maintenance of these applications as well. User plans start from $54 at the Entry level, $72 at the business level, Business Plus plans at $90 and premium Enterprise plans available from $126 per month. While the entry level plans provide 200 GB Disk space, the Enterprise plan gives you an amazing 800 GB. All plans come with 5TB bandwidth. The enterprise plan also contains goodies such as daily backups, comprehensively managed servers, free CDN and multiple locations, and a VIP customer support service that will never keep you waiting for longer than 10 minutes at any point in the day.

Siteground review on reseller hosting. They provide unique reseller hosting program keeping in mind web designers and developers who maintain client websites over the long term. With reseller hosting, when you purchase multiple accounts in bulk, you are privy to amazing discounts. The resellers also have the advantage of special domain name deals that can go as cheap as $10 per year. Clients can also resell services at the price they see fit and maximize your revenues.

The top benefits of the reseller hosting program include amazingly easy management, 24 hour support every day, top speeds, highly advanced security, and incomparable uptime. Another interesting feature is the White Label option that allows the client to upgrade their non-branded cPanel and private DNS. This facilitates stronger branding capabilities.

Siteground review on dedicated servers. This gives the client the ability to host their websites on a high end dedicated machine environment that is supervised by the industry’s best brains. Apart from all that, the client is also provided with groundbreaking proprietary software that can boost the performance of your server giving you the edge of superior functionality. The machines are designed and supervised, ensuring that the client has access to a choice in high end machines that are located in the world’s best data center facilities. They take up full management of your server, ensuring that the software is up to speed and the machine is under surveillance at any point in time. The service also provides assurance of immediate response to any issues that may arise in your machine.

Siteground review on data center. They never compromise on anything. Another factor that reinforces this fact is its data centers. With data centers spread out across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific, clients can choose centers in close proximity to ensure the best speeds possible. The data centers are located in strategic locations such as Chicago, Amsterdam, and Singapore where there are no problems with connectivity. The locations have been designated so that it takes the bare minimum number of hops to be reached. The data centers are designed for high level electricity redundancy. The centers have multiple backup power options comprised of various power feeds, generators, and enterprise-level UPS solutions. The data centers are under surveillance and protected by highly qualified guards 24 hours a day. Other security measures applied include biometrics, bullet proof lobbies and access control man traps.

Their handpicked hardware solutions and customization teamed with the groundbreaking solutions go into creating amazingly efficient server architecture. When you throw the unique software optimizations into the mix, you get the most secure web hosting environment that other providers could never dream about.

Siteground review on superior uptime. Their service boast of a mean uptime of 99.996% annually and 99.99 monthly. All the factors in play such as the strategic locations of data centers, unique server setup, and dedicated system admin teams contribute towards ensuring this spectacular uptime. They also rely on a unique software synthesize specifically to counter downtime issues in advance. Almost all issues are monitored and solved in real time devoid of human intervention, which is amazing in itself.

Siteground review on customer support. They have excellent after sales program which keeps up with its 24×7 customers support promise. It is always on and ready to serve you, no matter the time of the day. The response time can only be said to be fast and very helpful. Additionally, there is a number for online tutorials as well as newbie, for tips about setting their site.

They apply to the philosophy that the way you treat your customers defines how your business establishes itself. There are really no instances where clients have to wait for a response to queries or concerns. All shifts are staffed appropriately to ensure no client is left waiting for an agent. Another aspect of the customer service that make sit stand apart from its competition is the personal profiling of its employees. When a client gets in touch with the customer service representative, he or she gets access to detailed information about the representative like years of experience, areas of expertise, and even personal interests. This givers a human touch.

Their money back guarantee is a policy that ensure clients have peace of mind in any case scenario. Clients can request for a refund in the rare scenario that they are not satisfied with the services rendered within 30 days of effective date.

Siteground review on pros and cons:

  • They have comprehensive precautions which ward off hackers. For instance, you have to go through secured encrypted connection, even if you type your cPanel URL directly from your web.
  • The company does not allow direct activation of themes and plug-in due to safety measures.
  • They have the latest caching technology, which is compatible with WordPress.
  • Its server uptime is magnificent.

The main limitation of them is the limit it place on storage space. You are entitled to a 10 GB storage space for the basic plan. They are without any doubt the best web hosting provider. It does a lot more than any other web hosting with its unique and advanced features. Hoping you will find other review on the website so as to understand more about this company.

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What You Must Know About Reseller Hosting?

Reseller web hosting can essentially be viewed as a relationship between a retailer and a wholesaler. In this case, the wholesaler is the main web hosting company that owns the servers. The main web host allows another company (the retailer) to buy server space and resources and resell them to third parties. The retailer resells hosting services as if they are the owner.

Who is it For?

Reseller hosting is often ideal for people who want to start a web hosting business without the technological skills and huge financial capital involved. Since you do not have to buy or set up any servers, your work is simply to buy server resources from the parent company and resell them under your own brand.

Another group of people who might find this form of hosting ideal are web designers. It allows them to host their clients without the cost involved in owning the physical servers. Reselling is also a popular choice for companies that want to provide hosting to their customers as an add on service.

Reseller hosting can even be used to set up sites for family and friends. A teacher can also use it to set up different websites for students for hands-on learning.

Main Features of Reseller Hosting

  1. Back end support. You do not have to worry yourself over any maintenance tasks involving the server. The main web host is responsible for dealing with support issues such as downtime, server management, software and hardware upgrades and load balancing among others.
  2. WHMCS service. This helps with billing, client management and customer support. This makes it easy to set up payment gateways, hosting packages, fraud protection and domain registration.
  3. Domain resales. In addition to reselling hosting services to third parties, you can also resell domain names. This provides you with another way of making money.
  4. A variety of email protocols to allow your customers to check their emails easily and on any device.
  5. Website backups. Some web hosts will also offer free website backups every several hours.
  6. Most web hosts also provide free cPanels for easy website management for the reseller and their third part clients.
  7. Freedom to brand the reselling services as you see fit. This also includes choosing what price to charge your clients.

Pros of Reseller Hosting

  • The main seller will often give you a bulk discount because they will also benefit from the new third party customers. This allows you to resell hosting services at a fair price and still make a profit.
  • You get the freedom to apply your branding on everything from the control panels to the software used by your clients. This is especially advantageous for entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their brand and set up their own web hosting company someday.
  • You also get a certain level of freedom to manage your allocated resources as you see fit. This means that you can set up customized packages for your customers or set up several accounts depending on what you need. It is also possible to create customized themes and control panels for your clients.
  • The responsibility of technical management is mostly in the hands of the main web host. While you may be required to take care of issues regarding account set up and lost passwords, the web host deals with other weightier matters. This allows you to focus on the business end of issues such as marketing.
  • Since the web host does most of the administration and management, your get to keep most of your profit instead of directing it towards server management.


  • There is still a level of limitation that you will experience. For example, if the main server experiences problems, your own clients will also and there is nothing you can do about it. This lack of control can be especially bad if you bought hosting from a company that lacks good reputation.
  • If you want to use your own branding (white label hosting), expect to pay more than usual. The price can be even higher if customer support from the main host to your customers is provided under your brand.
  • Dealing with administration, basic customer support and accounts can be taxing especially if it is a small business with many customers.

Some of the best known web hosting providers today started out by using reseller hosting. If you can do it right, it might also be a jumpstart for you. It is also very important that you choose a good web hosting company that will provide you with quality services.

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How to deal with website downtime?

There is nothing worse for a website than experiencing downtime. Downtime can cause a lot of frustration and it also means that the website is gong to lose visitors. Worse still, a website that is down also risks losing customers and its sales will also be adversely affected. So, what exactly is downtime? It is the time that a website becomes inaccessible to website visitors. Unless you understand what downtime is you will not be able to take remedial steps to address and solve the issue.

What causes downtime?

Downtime occurs because of a number of factors. There is no one single factor that can be said causes downtime but when it does occur it can be for any number of reasons. Downtime can occur because the host provider may be engaged in upgrading their hardware or software. It can also occur when the server is being upgraded and also when the operating system is being upgraded. If any component fails then it can result in downtime. User errors have been known to cause downtime and the same can happen because of malicious hacking. A natural or manmade disaster can also cause downtime.

What happens when there is downtime?

When downtime occurs its impact can be very serious. If the downtime extends continuously for a period of time or occurs for a long period then it will result in loss of clients and sales and it also means that your website will lose its high ranking with the search engines.

Here is what you can do to prevent downtime

You can do a few things that will help to prevent downtime. Hacker prevention programs and installation of suitable antivirus software can help to prevent the problem. However, if the problem does occur then here is what you can do to deal with website downtime.

If you feel that the problem is occurring because of your web host, then obviously you will want to switch to a better web host. This should solve your problem. Some people suggest that you can upgrade to VPS to deal with downtime. VPS or Virtual Private Sector is a hosting arrangement in which a single server will be partitioned to create multiple numbers of servers. The nice things about this are that each of the different servers can be rebooted on its own. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a dedicated server or you can even move over to the cloud.

Employing good quality monitoring services is also recommended. By monitoring the manner in which your server is performing you can be alerted immediately when your website goes down. Also, the monitoring service can also help you find out the exact reason for the downtime. A monitoring service will both tell you when your site has gone down and it will also inform you about any issues being faced by your website.

Though it is not possible to completely eliminate downtime, there are a few steps that you can take to deal with the problem. The first thing that you need to do is be ready to take immediate steps to address the issue. You should have all the necessary measures in place to help you deal with the downtime the moment it occurs. You could for example think about moving your website to a secondary hosting provider. This works well when the cause of the downtime is your web host. You also need to make full use of social media to communicate with your clients regarding the downtime. Tell them when the site will be back and also have backup copies of your site ready to kick into action should an outage is caused by loss of data.

The bottom line is that you need to be ready to deal with downtime. By taking suitable measures you will not only be in a stronger position to deal with the downtime but you can also minimize the adverse effects of downtime. Remember that there are a number of things that you can do including solving website technical and coding issues that could cause a server page error. Also, make full use of Google Analytic to find out about user patent and time on site as well as other information like peak traffic load, and the like. All this information can help you understand the causes of downtime and how to properly deal with it.

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