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Want to know why 320,000 websites had chosen and why their start-up $3.95 website-hosting so popular? This is the same question we been asking our self when we carry out our reviews and ratings program. We are willing to take all risk and signup their start-up plan and host with them. We wish to review this hosting-company and provide facts and secrets to everyone visiting this website. This site is hosted, it’s true and it provides 100% real facts in here. And we are giving away promotional coupons at here for free and it helps you to get their best discount price too.

Who is

This is a premium hosting company which was established in the year 2003 when a group of experts pulled their capital together to form this brand. They are very popular in the web-hosting industry due to its excellent support, superior performance and great developer features. This web-hosting company is a private company and it’s very active in the Joomla communities and WordPress.


Is Siteground hosting good or bad?

They own over 1100 servers in 4 data centres and that is big. And we’ve been using start-up shared service and using this to host a WordPress site. Their service quality is top notch and we can see this after host with them for so many years and comparing them with the famous cPanel hosting namely Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostmonster and Justhost. And we start to see why people are choosing this one at the end.

This hosting-company is not that popular compare to other top hosts, this maybe due to their limited marketing effort or business-plan. Boosting sales and keeping the highest quality is two difficult things to do in any online service business. You can put up a lot of online sales and bring in tons of customer in short time, but that will mean lower quality and more managing issues throughout the process. In order to keep the service quality at highest, this will mean a good company with excellent management as well. This is what we seen in them and they are doing it just right.

Siteground reviews on shared hosting service.

They are offering few shared-hosting packages. The price is reasonable as well. Its not expensive or too cheap, its just right and affordable by most people. All three web-hosting packages are giving a lot of features and resources, and the service quality is top notch. Following are the key features offered by their shared-hosting:

  1. From 10 GB disk space.
  2. Unlimited transfer for website.
  3. Unlimited MySQL database.
  4. Unlimited emails account.
  5. Free domain-name.
  6. Free daily backup and content delivery network.
  7. 24×7 technical support via chat, phone or email ticket.
  8. 30 days money back guarantee.

These web-hosting features are very commonly seen and we are getting what we need to start online website. The free domain-name means a lot and it helps us save around $15 as according to current domain registration price. Next there is free website transfer and beginner users that require technical assistant to migrate their websites from old host, this is the must have free service.

They have 3 different shared-hosting packages and it comes with real storage space reserve for your account. Here are the basic 3 packages to choose from:

  1. Single-domain plan from $3.95/month.
  2. Gobig multiple-domains plan from $7.95/month.
  3. Gogeek multiple-domains plan from $14.95/month.

Shared hosting services

Siteground review on start-up plan. It is the company basic hosting and it begins at just $3.95/month. It includes the following:

  • Free transfer and setup.
  • Free domain-name.
  • Thirty days money back guarantee.
  • Almost 100% uptime guarantee.
  • 24×7 customer support.
  • Unlimited emails, traffic and database.
  • SSH and cPanel access.
  • Free daily backup.
  • Free content delivery network.
  • Static caching only.
  • Joomla and WordPress toolkits.

Siteground review on Growbig plan. In this, you access all 3 levels of super cacher in addition to the following:

  • Thirty days worth of backups.
  • Unlimited sites.
  • 365 days free SSL.
  • Priority customer support.
  • Around 25,000 visits per month.
  • The super cacher uses memory cached and varnish to cache both static and dynamic content and works well with Joomla, WordPress and Magento.

Siteground review on Gogeek plan. This comes with all the above features of found in other two packages and in addition to the following:

  • More powerful hardware for more RAM, SAS storage for files and SSD storage for your databases.
  • Few accounts on every server. You can use up to four times more resources then other plans.
  • PCI compliant server is for e-commerce and allows you to take your credit card details on your web.
  • Developer features that are custom made and are exclusive to this company.

Registration is very easy and straightforward and you can be done within five minutes. After registration, you will need to decide on your preferred plan. The best thing about registration is that there is a free three month premium support option at the end of the page. However, there are certain features that can increase the price. For instance, if you want to include options such as daily backup, hack alert, monitoring and domain privacy, you might end up paying a bit higher than basic-plans. All these features are very attractive, but ensure that you include only those features that you need, if you don’t want to pay much more.

After registration, you will receive a confirmation email showing your account ID as well as login information. In addition, you will receive a call from their customer support representatives just to ensure that everything goes well. Are these services not friendly and useful?

Siteground reviews on WordPress hosting.

Why choose this Wordpress-hosting and not the others? They are heavily promoting themselves as the best place to both Joomla and WordPress. But why is their shared-hosting a better place for these CMS apps? Besides comparison features, we try to find their hidden advantages and benefits.

First in this WordPress optimized hosting, we can see there is extra cPanel configuration taken place and they have added in static cache feature to make the hosting service even better.

Wordpress optimized hosting

From this cPanel, we found the following WordPress extended features:

  1. WordPress-installer.
  2. WP auto update.
  3. WordPress-toolkit.
  4. Supercacher.
  5. Staging.
  6. ManageWP.

From day one, user can choose to install WordPress here instantly without any delay by using the installer tool. Future upgrade can be performed by auto update and no manual management in require in future. The super cacher feature is here to make the site even faster and try to boost the WordPress site loading time.

Free WordPress tools

Siteground review on customer support. They have excellent after-sales program which keeps up with its 24×7 customers-support promise. It is always on and ready to serve you, no matter the time of the day. The response time can only be said to be fast and very helpful. Additionally, there is a number for online tutorials as well as newbie, for tips about setting their site.

Siteground review on pros and cons:

  • They have comprehensive precautions which ward off hackers. For instance, you have to go through secured encrypted connection, even if you type your cPanel URL directly from your web.
  • The company does not allow direct activation of themes and plug-in due to safety measures.
  • They have the latest caching technology, which is compatible with WordPress.
  • Its server uptime is magnificent.

The main limitation of them is the limit it place on storage space. You are entitled to a 10 GB storage space for the basic plan. They are without any doubt the best web-hosting provider. It does a lot more than any other web-hosting with its unique and advanced features. Hoping you will find other review on the website so as to understand more about this company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’m a beginner, which hosting package should I signup?

For most beginners what require web hosting account to host their new website(s) are recommended to choose the shared service plan. It provides everything you need, including storage space, control panel, email service, FTP account and so on. Choose the most popular plan of all, the GrowBig plan that allows unlimited domains.

If I signup now, when will my account be ready?

If you are signing up with the shared hosting plan, the account will be available immediately. Immediate account activation is one of the standard feature now and available for all shared hosting plans. Once completed the signup process, the account will be setup automatically, and the account details will be emailed to you.

What is my Siteground DNS to use?

There are a few set of domain nameservers available, please check on your hosting account or setup email to confirm the correct DNS nameserver to use. It will look something like this:


How to upload my website files to server?

You can choose any favorite FTP client program to upload files to server. Connect using your domain name, FTP username and FTP password. Optionally choose to use normal connection or secure server connection. Once connected and gained access, choose the “public_html” folder and upload all your files here in order to host it by your primary domain.

Can I host additional domain names in here?

There are three shared hosting plans available, except the basic plan, the other two plans are supporting multiple domains and in here you can create additional websites and host them as separate entity. There is no limits of how many websites you can create, however there is inodes limits applied to account, this will be the limitation. In addition, user get to create unlimited sub-domain and parked domain.


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Drupal – Benefits and Free Themes

Drupal is an advanced CMS system with lots of functions for users. Users with basic knowledge in CSS, HTML and PHP can make great advancements with Drupal since it has a very helpful support team. This publishing platform has created very vibrant community with bursting potential. It comes with thousands of plug-ins and free designs for rapid site assembly. The following is a close look at the benefits of Drupal.

  1. Connectivity
    Drupal makes it easier for users to connect their websites to other services and websites across the web. This is enabled by the incorporation of search engine connection, feeds and aggregation capabilities.
  2. Good design and display
    Users can build external-facing and internal websites within hours with little or no customized programming. Users don’t have to start from scratch every time they are building a website. Drupal has a multi-stage configuration and distribution profile that provides pre-defined site functions and features for a specific purpose or type of site. Moreover, their presentation layer allows users to design interactive and usable experiences to engage users and increase traffic.
  3. Functionality and management
    Drupal features a wide range of functionalities that include user’s management, graphics, modification tool, polls management and advanced menu management. As a result, it allows users to create and manage many types of content such as statistics, blogs, texts, videos, polls, podcasts and user management. Moreover, administrators can establish permission rights to create new user accounts and categorize content through URL paths and addresses.
  4. Plenty of free themes
    Drupal has created professional themes which users can use for free. They are very easy to install and work with. The themes have some common features that include a valid CSS and XHTML 1.0 strict. The themes are Drupal 6 compatible with collapsible sidebars depending on the block visibility of the prospect user. In addition, they are cross-browser compatible and tested on various browsers including Camino on Mac and Windows, Firefox, Safari and Opera on Mac and Windows and Internet Explorer on Windows. Some of these themes include;

    • Marinelli: It is a flexible, 3-colum table-less layout theme with primary links and wide image banner system. Its main features include a modernizer for CSS3 and semantic XHTML to accessibility which can accomplish WCAG2 AAA with proper theme settings. It also has integrated j-query cycle based rotating banners and better CSS organizations for improved customization and better headings management.
    • BlueMasters: It is based on PSD template that was designed for Smashing Magazine by Wendell Fernandes. It comes with a highly responsive layout making it great for freelancers and small businesses.
    • Corporate clean: It is based on PSD template and specifically designed with small businesses in mind. It features a wide range of options that include multiple column layouts, ready webform and adjustable slider.

It is clear that Drupal has more for you. It has over 16,000 available modules that make it a great option for addressing the requirements of your site. So, be sure to consider it when creating your website and for real, you will be assured of a great website without re-creating the existing features.

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Should You Choose Cloud or VPS Hosting?

Cloud hosting basically is an IT environment where all resource, information, and applications are managed inside a cybernetic hosted environment. Organizations that previously limited their activities to development or testing have today shifted towards this due to the rising number of mission critical applications. A perfect example of a highly successful model is Google Apps that enables the business to access various services such as website hosting, calendar applications, and document creation via a web browser.

Primary Benefits of adopting Cloud computing.

  1. Secure and Affordable
    Hybrid-clouds provide to the customers the benefits of enjoying both the public and private service. For instance, a business client can experience public-facing components within a public-cloud environment while at the same time storing customer sensitive information within a private-cloud environment. Most solutions are developed with security in mind, and this is also bolstered with a fully-fledged security team that operates round the clock 365 days a year. Most data center incorporates multiple power sources and backup systems. This ensures clients enjoy robust continuity options in case of a disaster.
  2. Compliance
    Cloud providers cover the entire gamut of compliance and security as a single package that involves forensics, incident response, compliance monitoring, audit, remediation, and gap analysis. This is cost effective to customers because they do not need to purchase expensive hardware or software. Furthermore, there is no integration required at any level because this is now assumed to be the role of the cloud-hosting providers who assign their specialists and compliance professionals to assume these responsibilities on your behalf.
  3. Enhanced Performances
    The service comes bundled with disaster prevention techniques; therefore, most businesses are protected from hardware and software failures. Courtesy of secure architecture, they are using security to enhance the overall performance of the infrastructure including the applications that are running beneath it.
  4. Scalability
    It is possible to scale resources based on usage demand, this implies a cloud customer can set the resource limits, or even schedule them as a one-off event or on a continuous basis. This scaling of resources is available at the touch of a button. Some of the benefits of scaling include;

    • Maintaining uptime and business continuity.
    • Saving time resources because system administrators can scale resources automatically or on schedule.
    • Enhanced brand reputation because you are providing superior services to your client.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

This feature is a physical hardware packaged as a service by the VPS provider. It comes with an operating system, and customers with super user level to the system can install virtually any software into the platform. Virtual Private Servers are usually priced modestly lower compared to their physical counterparts, the main reason is that they share the underlying physical hardware with other VPSs, and, as a result, performance is degraded.

  1. Security Concerns
    VPS providers must deploy server virtualization tools, this implies a single server is partitioned to appear as several servers. Such techniques are conducted by VMware and Hyper-V, who are the dominant players due to their robust security features. However, such tools are less common with ordinary VPS providers due to cost limitations. Most companies would, therefore, go for less common products that are likely to expose security vulnerabilities of their clients.

Key differences between a cloud provider and VPS network

Cloud providers have been found to be more secure, scalable and stable, and the uptime is considered optimal due to various power sources, governmental compliance, and advanced security features. It is also very difficult to scale resources according to business demand; therefore it is remain the number one choice.

cloud service

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Getting More Subscribers To Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world today. It boasts of more than a billion unique visitors every month. Over 100 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube each hour. With such huge competition, you are probably wondering how you can get people to view you creation. There are two important things that you need to do if you want to ensure that every clips that you upload to YouTube gets decent views. The two things that you need to do are;

  1. Improve video-quality.
  2. Get more subscribers.

People hate watching a poor quality YouTube’s video. A majority of people will immediately stop watching when they notice that it is of low quality. If you want people to watch and enjoy your videos, you have to make sure that they are of outstanding quality. Millions of people subscribe to different YouTube channels every day. If you employ they right strategies, you can get your good share of new subscribers every day. Here are the simple things that you should to increase your YouTube subscribers;

  1. Give your audience value.

You should not upload a YouTube’s video for the sake of uploading. Make sure that it is not only of high quality but offer some value to your subscribers. Make sure that your videos offer useful information to the viewers or they are entertaining.

  1. Upload interesting content frequently.

You should not go for days or weeks without uploading fresh media to your YouTube channel. You should be constantly uploading and keep your subscribers entertained. Make sure that your subscribers are anticipating for your next showdown.

  1. Optimize your content.

You have to use the right keywords if you want the people you are targeting to find you. You have to optimize all your videos so that they can stand out. Make sure that your main keywords are in the titles. When you hit the right keywords, you can be sure that you will get the right people to view your channel.

  1. Interact with existing subscribers.

You should interact with your existing subscriber by replying to their comments and answering their questions. Organize weekly quizzes and do all other things that will allow you to interact more with your subscribers. Interacting with your subscriber may seem like a daunting task. However, you should interact with them as much as possible to build loyalty.

  1. Just ask people to subscribe to your channel.

Don’t be too shy to ask people to subscribe to your channel. A simple straightforward request can make people subscribe. You should add your call to action at the end of your popular videos.

  1. Hire professionals.

There are so many things that need to be done to create high-quality interesting videos. There are so many things that need to be done to get more subscribers as well. If you have other important things to do or if you want quick results, you should leave this work to the professionals. Professionals will do everything on your behalf to ensure that your videos get the most views. Since they deal with matters related to YouTube on a daily basis, they know exactly what to do to grow your YouTube viewership.

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Siteground Joomla Hosting Review

Siteground Joomla-hosting has been in existence for over ten years and are known and accepted for pushing technological boundaries making them one of the fastest, most secure and reliable web-hosting providers. They offer three Joomla-hosting plans including Startup, Growbig and Gogree. Al these are offering advanced features that are vital for Joomla developers.

1. Startup plan

This is the basic-hosting plan that starts at $3.95 per month. It includes:

  • 10 GB web space
  • Free setup and transfer
  • Free domain-name
  • An uptime guarantee of 99.9%
  • 30 day full money back guarantee
  • 24/7 reliable technical support
  • Suitable for 10,000 visits per month (unlimited emails, traffic and DBs)
  • SSH and cPanel access
  • Cloudfare CDN
  • Free daily backup
  • Static caching
  • Automation of tasks using Joomla and WordPress toolkits

2. Growbig Plan

Besides offering all three levels of the supercacher, this website-hosting also offers the following:

  • 20 GB web space
  • Unlimited websites
  • Free one year SSL
  • 30-day backup with access to restore
  • Suitable for 25,000 visits per month
  • Priority support

Supercacher uses Memcached and Varnish to cache both static and dynamic content. Moreover, it works with Joomla, WordPress and magneto.

3. GoGreek Plan

It includes features such as:

  • 30 GB web-space
  • Unlimited domains
  • The supercacher uses dynamic caching, static caching, and database queries results cache
  • The servers are PCI compliant for ecommerce which allows you to use and take credit card details on your website.
  • More powerful hardware including more SSD storage for your databases, Ram and SAS for storing files.

Features of Siteground Joomla Hosting

One of the main reason why Siteground Joomla-hosting offers great up-time is because they have developed custom server software that resolves 90% of issues automatically without any human interaction.

  1. Control panel
    They use cPanel with custom styling in order to make it look professional and unique. On the other hand cPanel is integrated into the client billing area and it is easily accessible. Users can also access all th WordPress and developer Joomla kits.
  2. Support
    In case you need a hand to help you out, you can rest assured that they offer fast and helpful support technicians. Besides responding to queries within minutes, the support technicians are fanatical about Joomla, WordPress and Magneto among other talents.
  3. Speed
    One of the main features people look for in website hosting is the speed. Sitesground’s Joomla loads faster mainly because they work with the best and latest hardware that is upgraded regularly. Moreover, speed optimization features such as the free content delivery network and caching tools make it easy for users to boost website performance with just a few clicks.

Although the GoGreek and GrowBig may seem rather expensive, they not only offer an increase in disk space and bandwidth but they also increase the CPU usage too. Therefore, the plans offer incredible value to users mainly because they are more akin to semi-dedicated solutions.

Joomla hosting crafted with care

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Siteground reseller hosting reviews with pros and cons

The Siteground reseller hosting program is designed to cater to the needs of web designers as well as developers who have been entrusted with the task of maintaining the websites of their customers over a long period of time. They make it very easy to include the most dependable web-hosting programs. The nice thing about availing of their website-hosting programs is that the more accounts that are purchased by you in bulk, the higher are the discounts offered to you by the company.

Become a Siteground resellers

If you are a reseller, then you can take advantage of domain names whose prices are very low. In fact, domain name prices start at just ten dollars per year. Best of all, when you take advantage of the reselling program, you can resell each of the company’s services at whatever price you want to sell it at and in this way it becomes easy for you to increase your income.

You also get reseller credits at as low as 42 dollars per credit. A single credit entitles you to one-year of hosting, but at the very outset, you must order five credits. The reseller credits are not only very affordable but they can be managed with greater flexibility. Credits will be prepaid and will be used to activate your reseller account and for renewal thereafter. The more credits you order the greater the discounts you get and you can use your credits whenever you need them. The nice thing is that your reseller credits are never going to expire. Not only that, but they can be activated at any time and you can also renew them anytime you want to.

However, when you order your credits for the first time, you must order at least five credits. After becoming a reseller there will not be any limitations on the number of credits that you can order at a time. For eleven or more credits, you get $42 dollars per credit. For between five and ten credits you get $45 dollars per credit and for between one and four credits, you get 49 dollars per credit.

Siteground reseller packages.

All your reseller accounts are fully featured. You can upgrade your plan at any time and you can also buy any of the company’s additional services at any time.

With this reselling program you also do not have to worry about power redundancy and hardware redundancy. Not only that, but you also get the fastest server monitoring and free daily backup. They also offer excellent e-commerce solutions like free shopping car installation, SSL certificate and it also offers advanced features for developers like multiple php versions, perl and python support as well as free SSH access.

When you choose a reseller program you get other benefits including immediate activation, one-click account setup and live setup assistance. Depending on your needs, you can choose from one of the three reseller packages available.

Reseller packages

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Siteground vs. Godaddy and Bluehost: company background, price, and performance

This Siteground(SG), Godaddy(GD) and Bluehost(BH) are popular web-host providers that provided services in shared environment. All of them have some their special features which make them the best in their class as they are stronger in Joomla than any others. Similarly the main differences between GD and SG are in their style of hosting Joomla, their support systems and market plans. In order to find the best of these three platforms you should go through all their services in this write-up.

A brief introduction.

SG is working as a host since 2003 from Sofia, Bulgaria with more than 50 employees. It has about 400,000 customers and hosts about 300,000 domains through its data centers located in the whole world including Singapore, US and Europe. It deals with new but technically advanced site owners.

GD is from Scottsdale, Arizona based company and offering their services since 1997 through its nearly 3400 employees. They have data centers in Iowa, Arizona, Colorado, California, India and Washington DC through which 11 million customers and about 55 million domains are hosted. They deal with the buyers of new domain names and new website users through their different technical plans.

BH was created in 1996 and this company was founded in Provo, Utah with more than 200 employees. Through their Provo, Utah datacenter they host more than 3.5 million domains and over 2 million customers. Instead of Joomla they are known among the WordPress users.

Web hosting plans and prices.

Though prices of different companies differ from each other but along with their price you should also focus on their other features.

SG shared plan ranges from $3.95 to $14.95 depending upon the storage space and other priority services used by their customers. They offer cloud-hosting service from $68.95 to $138.95 and dedicated server from $229 to $429 depending upon various factors.

GD shared plans of this company can be availed from $2.99 only. They offer VPS plan for $23.99 and dedicated servers from $89.99. They also offer 50% discount on shared packages and 10% to 20% discount to the users of VPS and dedicated server for 12-months and 24-month respectively.

BH shared plan costs $6.95 per month for unlimited bandwidth and storage for 12-months but for 24-months and 36-months users they offer it for $5.95 and $4.95 per month respectively.

Control panel and experience.

SG uses cPanel due to its popularity among other web-host companies as t makes transition easier if you are coming from some similar company. Most of its users find its design well executed as it has all the important features usually needed to them.

GD control panel is not as effective as cPanel of which has many additional tools to take the advantage of the host. Though its design is good but it is not easy to navigate due to its control panel.

BH uses their own developed Simplescripts for installation and management of Joomla. It is their unique tool which works greatly with cPanel to provide third party service to their customers.

Server performance and quality.

SG: The performance of this host is very good due to the Joomla installed on it.

GD: Joomla is not installed on the server so its performance cannot be assessed in this respect.

BH: In comparison, the speed of Bluehost is less and slower.

Customer support and technical.

SG: The support system of this host is effective as it includes all the primary methods like phone, live chat and ticket which help in resolving customers issues fast.

GD: Though the support system of Godaddy is also similar, but its ticket support is not equally effective.

BH: The support system of this host is better in almost all respect.

After going through and comparing the reviews of almost all the aspects of all the three hosts; one can easily conclude that SG is the best of them all due to various reasons. They are better than for its control panel, performance and customer support system. And it is better than Bluehost for its faster speed which makes it easier for its users to work on it.

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Siteground webmail, how to login webmail and check email message

Their shared hosting includes all three famous webmail clients program and it is accessible from the cPanel directly. From our cPanel, we can choose from 1 of 3 webmail available and use any one of this to login email account and access mailbox instantly.

How to access Siteground webmail?

To login webmail, we can choose Horde and enter our email address and login password. Next, we will be able to access webmail and get to inbox. In here, we can choose to view email message, compare new message and even manage the mailbox from here.

Webmail allows you to access your email from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser. Please make sure to log out when checking your email on public computers so that other people cannot read your email.

You can check the webmail for any account by logging into with the full username ( and password for the email account or by clicking on the icon below.

How to configure Siteground email account?

In order to access your email account remotely and from your desktop computer, all you need to do is configure the email client and connect it to mail server. Following the example configuration that we are using:

  • Username: your_username
  • Password: Use the email account password.
  • Incoming server:
  • IMAP port: 143
  • POP3 port: 110
  • Outgoing server:
  • SMTP port: 2525
  • Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.

Webmail clients

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